The Jaws Of Ice is now compatible with virtually every ice auger!

Jaws Of Ice Auger Mount

The only ice auger carrier you will ever need!

The Jaws of Ice auger mount is the most versatile Auger holder available – Keep your ice auger safe and secure whether driving your ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, or other off-road vehicles.

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Locks Your Auger in Place

jaws of ice auger

To mount your auger, just drop it into place, Lift and lock the “Jaws” closed, and drive on to your next spot.

Easy Release Ice Auger Pin

Unlatching Your Ice Auger From The Jaws of Ice

Once you’re there, pull the release pin and the Jaws spring open and you’re ready to go.

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Fully Adjustable to Fit Your Auger:

Tailor the jaws to your auger. Adjustable arms ensure compatibility with a wide range of ice augers, including cordless drill attach augers and newer models with a hexagonal shaft. Easily move the jaws closer or wider to accommodate your auger design. In addition, the replaceable jaws allow for a better fit for different shaft sizes.

Mounting Compatibility

The Jaws of Ice mounts seamlessly to any ATV with metal racks and most snowmobile bumpers by using heavy-duty U-bolts. For Polaris Sportsman ATVs, as well as Ranger and General UTVs equipped with Lock & Ride®, use our Quick-Attach Brackets & Expansion Anchors for a secure fit.

Jaws of Ice Mounting Bracket Specs
Jaws of Ice Mounting Widths

Fully Adjustable Mounting Arms for Wide Versatility.

Mounts to Any ATV, UTV, and most snowmobiles.

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